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Cocoa Butter: It’s Many Benefits

Cocoa Butter: It’s Many Benefits

If you’re unfamiliar with cocoa butter, you may think it’s some sort of dessert or something used for cooking, but you’d be incorrect. While people do eat cocoa and use it for cooking, the ‘butter’ is a natural product that is applied topically to the skin to provide a variety of benefits.

It is derived from the cacao bean, which is what’s found inside the cocoa pod. The pod is a large fruit, shaped like a gourd. You can get up to 40 cocoa seeds, which can be dried, pressed, or roasted. The fat is the butter.

Cocoa butter is highly beneficial for the skin because it is an antioxidant powerhouse. It has a variety of antioxidants, which can fight free-radical damages to the skin. Free radicals are responsible for causing dark patches, dull skin, and aging. Many people believe that the product can also reduce the look of scars and stretch marks when used consistently.

You can spread it over pregnancy stretch marks and put it on unsightly scars, which softens the skin around it and helps to reduce their look. However, most people use the product as a way to deeply moisturise the skin because it has many fatty acids. It’s primarily found in lip balms and lotions because it nourishes and protects the skin.

N-essentials offers deodorised cocoa butter for sale in its online store. It comes in a variety of sizes and comes in broken up chunks. The products only use pure, raw butter, which has gone through the deodorisation process. Therefore, you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality product to put on your skin. If you’d like the chocolatey smell of the cocoa, you can also find unrefined, raw organic cocoa butter, as well. The product is designed to last up to five years, depending on how it is stored.

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