Cufflinks: A Stylish And Elegant Gift For Any Woman Or Man

by | Feb 23, 2017 | Business

Cufflinks are an excellent way to showcase sophistication and classiness to a formal outfit. While usually associated with men, women can also use cufflinks. They can be found in various styles, such as buttons, collapsible, chain-link, flats, and snappers. Before considering all the many varieties, it may be helpful to learn about how they came to be.

Cuffs used to be attached to the sleeve using cuff strings, and in about 1500, people started fastening their cuffs with glass buttons. While the design was used to secure the cuff to the shirt, the modern cufflink is more about style and uniqueness rather than serving a purpose. Now, sleeves have the cuff attached and use buttons to hold the ends together. However, a cufflink can add a touch of style and elegance that can’t be found with a traditional button.

Make A Statement

No matter what you want to say to others about your appearance, you’ll find cufflinks at Love Our Work that will suit you. They have a variety of options, including cricket, playing cards, surfboards, vehicles, dice, anchors, crowns, and much more. You can choose more formal options for significant corporate events and can select fun, whimsical versions to add a touch of daring or excitement.

Why Women?

As stated earlier, cufflinks were primarily made for men who wear suits to work or for leisure. However, women can get in on the action, as well. Many women wear suits, whether with a skirt or pants ensemble. They can find appropriate cufflinks that are feminine and not too big, using them in place of buttons to hold the cuff together. Just choose those options that suit your needs or desires. For example, if you love to surf or used to know someone who did, consider surfboard cufflinks.

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