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Eyebrow Feathering Course In Australia: Advantages

Would you like to create the look of nearly-perfect feathered eyebrows? Most cosmetologists want to add new skills to their repertoire to attract new clientele. You can achieve this goal when you take an eyebrow feathering course in Australia. Sometimes, people call it microblading, which is almost the same thing. It features the use of a metal hand tool that looks almost like an elongated pen. The device has tiny needles at the end of it, which cut the skin in fine, hair-like strokes. The pigment is then injected into those cuts, which is much different than normal tattoo ink.

Of course, the primary goal here is to take the eyebrow feathering course in Australia so that you can learn how to use the hand tool, how to prepare your patients for the procedure, and what type of aftercare is needed. Though the process seems straightforward, it still takes a lot of practice to get it right each time. Your patients are going to want something that looks real and natural, not ‘painted on.’ Therefore, you’ll have to learn about the golden ratio, which is the spacing between the eyebrows, as well as how to take measurements to achieve symmetry.

Because it’s not an easy task, you’ll need to complete and pass an eyebrow feathering course in Australia. There are many choices out there, so it’s best to pick the right programme for your needs. With Tanya Beauty Care Studio & Academy, you will have three options. The first is the traditional microblading course, which takes two days. Once complete, you will need to go to the health department in your county for licensing, which can include other tests. You’ll also be able to take the microblading and combo technique, or the advanced combination technique training. Visit to learn more and enrol now.

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