Reasons to See a Gynecologist during Pregnancy

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Health & Medical

So, you’ve bought a pregnancy test and it came out positive – congratulations! Awaiting the birth of your baby is guaranteed to be a very exciting time, albeit quite tiring at certain points. From the mood swings to the food cravings, your body will try and tell you how it is coping with pregnancy by showing certain symptoms. Although your body will do most of the work, a gynecologist’s knowledge will come in handy at this time not just to put your mind at ease but also, to ensure you and the baby are at optimum health. If you’re wondering why gynecologist visits at Ultrasound for Women Penrith are so important during each stage of pregnancy, read on.

Rule Out the Risks of a Problem

Expect your first scan to take place around the 11-13th week of pregnancy. Your due date will be confirmed at this time and you will be informed of the dates for scans that will follow. Make sure you attend these gynecologist appointments, because the sonographer will be able to take the baby’s measurements and make sure he or she is growing properly. Down’s syndrome can be tested for with an ultrasound and this technology is also smart enough to diagnose other potential problems. Should there be a risk of miscarriage, this can also be picked up with a scan.

Monitor Baby and Mother Progress

Two other reasons why you should visit a gynecologist for prenatal ultrasound scans is to make sure that the baby’s chromosomes are normal and that you, the mother, are not in any danger. Focusing on fetal development is important and the doctor will use their knowledge to inform you of the baby’s progress. The professional will also use high-frequency ultrasound waves to inspect your ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus for any issues that may be present.

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