Shared Ownership Boat – Partial Ownership is Better Than Chartering

by | May 4, 2016 | Business

Do you like to feel the sun on your skin and the wind in your hair? If so, boating is a hobby that you may want to take up! From the bonding opportunities to the coordination skills you will pick up after just a few sessions on the sea, boating is a rewarding activity that will give your quality of life an almighty boost. Although you could get in touch with a boat charter service, a more desirable option is a shared ownership boat program.  A clever and cost-effective way to learn, programs of this kind are gaining popularity over chartering for the following reasons.

Enjoy Guaranteed Usage

If you take it upon yourself to note down the days that you require use of the shared ownership boat scheme, you are guaranteed to have some water time on these days. Pay attention to what are known as “red circle days” because on these days, the boat may have been reserved for a special occasion. Consult with the person you buy the boat from and let them know in advance about the days you want to go sailing, so as to avoid disappointment.

Get Your Needs Catered To

With a shared ownership boat, your needs will be catered to. Both parties can enjoy the maintenance services that are offered from the minute contracts are signed, as well as the fuel refilling assistance and cleaning. This is better than chartering, because the cost of chartering can be costly when every service fee is added together.

Experience a High Level of Service

Sure, you will get a dose of luxury with charter services, but the same goes for when you join a shared ownership boat scheme. Both parties will be treated equally at all times and thrown into the cost will be full boating training, management services and skippering. Contact Luxury Boat Syndicates today!

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