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Why Choose Plantation Shutters For Windows

Plantation shutters are a beautiful addition to any home and can look unique because they aren’t as popular. You can use them to manage how much light comes into the home and insulate your room from noise and heat. You can also use them to create privacy so that neighbours can’t see into the house. You can also use them to control air flow into the room. The shutter system works by having a wooden frame that stays with the window while the slats between the frames can be moved up and down. That way, you can control the light and air the way you see fit.

Plantation shutters can also be customised to your colour specifications, and you can find a variety of materials, such as timber and fauxwood, among others. Most of the styles are lightweight, which means you don’t require extra hardware to get them installed and utilise them however you wish. Most homeowners enjoy the fact that the shutters last for many decades with proper care and don’t go out of style, which means the small investment you make can add value to the home. If you plan to sell later, you aren’t likely to have to improve the window coverings and can help add warmth to the house.

CommandeX offers a variety of plantation shutters. You can find Basswood, Paulownia, and Fauxwood, which is PVC with aluminium inserts. Regardless of the material you choose, you can find a variety of colours to help match your décor or add to it. For example, timber is going to look like wood with stain unless you choose to have them painted. Fauxwood comes in a variety of ‘white’ shades, as well. You also get two layers of polyurethane paint, which is guaranteed to last for three years, making it a long-lasting job that helps your shutters look beautiful for longer.

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