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The Advantages Of Choosing A Local Butcher For Your Meat In The Central Coast

While supermarkets have done away with specialised shops and the quaint process of going to multiple places to get the freshest foods, butchers are still around and are becoming increasingly popular. While it may be easier to go to one store and get everything you need, it may not be the freshest items and may contain antibiotics and other additives.

Save Money

One of the reasons to head to your butcher in Central Coast is because you can save money. Even though supermarkets are well-known for cheap cuts, you’re getting a cheaper piece of meat that is not as flavourful or healthy. You don’t know where the meat comes from, so you can’t ensure its quality or freshness. Butchers can give you specialty cuts and the best options for a lower price because they work directly with the farmer. They may also offer more affordable cuts for everyday eating.


Butchers like Butcher Direct in Central Coast provide you with multiple types of meat and cuts, some of which are rare. You can find minced beef, brisket, stir fry meats, chicken lamb, pork, veal and much more. Likewise, they may also offer ready-to-cook options, such as crumbed products with the crumbs already on, beef Wellington, and many other specialties.

Give Advice

Whether you choose to shop online or go to the shop, your butcher can give you advice about which meats pair well with which wines. Likewise, you may think you have to use a particular cut for a dish, but they can offer alternatives that could be cheaper or easier to prepare. Online butchers will have a ‘contact us’ feature; that way, you can get some consultation and choose the best method. For example, if you have a question about the meat you need, you can get in touch.

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