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Boost Sales And Spread The Word With Custom Stickers

Boost Sales And Spread The Word With Custom Stickers

Even in the cyber and digital age, word of mouth is still a strong advertising option. However, the term word of mouth has changed not just to mean people talking about your products and services. It can now mean that people post, share and tweet about you or use custom stickers to spread the word. When more people hear about your company, through whatever means, it can boost your sales and revenue.

Why Use Stickers?

Stickers are an excellent way to get the word out there about you. They’re easy to print and design, but can also be printed in large quantities. Likewise, they can be placed almost anywhere and can be easy for customers to carry.

For example, custom stickers can be used at bus stops, as bumper stickers, at trade shows, on shop-front windows and can even be a magnet sticker to be placed on the refrigerator. While a banner can cost a lot of money and can only be used in one spot, you can have hundreds of stickers created for the same price that can be passed out to everyone.

Motivate Interaction

Primarily, you want people to interact with you on a friendly and personal level. Handing out a custom sticker may not seem like much, but people will be happy that you gave them something. Likewise, they may like the colours, letters, and branding so much that they place it somewhere where others can see it. You’ve effectively reached hundreds of people with one sticker!

How To Design/Where To Go

It’s best to choose a professional company, such as Gecko Sticker Signage. They can help you design your stickers and can manufacture them quickly so that you’re ready to go. Most companies prefer to stick with logo colours and images to keep customers aware of them.

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