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How Event Management Apps Can Make A Difference

Almost every professional has likely used an app before, and most of them have probably been relatively good experiences. However, if you’ve never considered event management apps from GoldenTix, you could be missing out. These applications can be applied to almost any activity imaginable and can make the job of planning and managing much easier.

Problems will arise during the time before the event, sometimes leading up to the initial start time. Spreadsheets can be cumbersome and difficult to read, while you may be tasked with sending emails to all prospects. Every time a change happens, either with a meal or the keynote speaker, you’ll be upset and frantic trying to deal with it. Seemingly thousands of tasks are required to organise events, and event management apps can make it easier to bear.


Including everything necessary on one platform makes it much easier to get and stay organised. You can have event information for potentials, contacts, reports, collaboration information and much more, all in one easy-to-find spot. This can reduce miscommunications and get everyone on the same page.


It is imperative that you know how many people are going to be at the party. You’ve likely had that moment when you realise that everyone you invited brought another guest (or so it seems), so you’re left scrambling to find room and food/drink for them. People don’t want to call and RSVP anymore, but online registration will make that point moot.

Plus, they can go to the app and get information, read up about the party, and order tickets or RSVP, depending on the event.


In most cases, event management apps will also include a variety of marketing tools. You can quickly email information to prospects with a tap of the device and can create an effective landing page, as well.

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