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Get Kitchen Renovation Ideas in Centerville, OH to Blend the Old with the New

Get Kitchen Renovation Ideas in Centerville, OH to Blend the Old with the New

Interior design trends change all the time. One day the modern era seems like the ‘it’ thing and next thing you know, people are jumping on the traditional bandwagon! Deliberating between old or new kitchen renovations can eat up a lot of your time, which is not ideal if you have already set a date for project completion. With that being said, why not merge the two and create a simply timeless look? In order to blend these ideas seamlessly with help from Business Name team, you would benefit from using the following design tips before the project commences.

Modern Appliance Section

You want to keep an equal balance between modern and traditional, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t highlight one era with a section dedicated completely on modern appliances! When frequently used appliances are displayed together, such as convection ovens and warming drawers, you will be able to find things with ease and speed up the cooking process.

Breakfast Island

If you have room for a breakfast island, introduce one. The great thing about a breakfast island is that you can make it look aged and distressed or funky and fresh. White marble countertops and metal cabinet handles will look good if you want the island to have a modern twist, whereas wooden cabinets and a built-in stone sink will instantly give the kitchen a farm/country-like vibe. Consider hidden storage if you don’t have a great deal of space to make use of.

Natural Materials

Most natural materials chosen for a kitchen renovation in Centerville, OH will be resistant to stains. This makes maintaining them a lot easier and reduces the likelihood of replacements being required. Soapstone, granite, engineered quartz, recycled paper-based materials, and zinc surfaces will look attractive in a modern meets traditional kitchen.