Learn How The Juice Diet Works

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There are so many information options available that talk about health and weight loss. It can sometimes be confusing to know what to listen to and what to throw away as false. However, there is one option called the 5:2 option that uses intermittent fasting along with healthy eating to create the best version of your body. It can also be called the juice diet, and you may want to learn how it works and use it to your advantage.

How It Came About

In 2013, Michael Mosley, a journalist and doctor, wrote a bestselling book that alerted everyone to the 5:2 phenomenon. It was also featured on a BBC programme. Mosley talked about using the programme for himself and the results he got. It was instantly popular with many people, ranging from men and women of various ages.

What It Is

The 5:2 option focuses on how humans experience various periods of eating and fasting in general. While most people don’t fast regularly other than for spiritual reasons, it can be an excellent option to help you become healthier and maintain your weight. It works by eating regularly for five days and then fasting for two days. In most cases, you would fast consecutively, though you can do it on non-consecutive days if necessary.

During your fast, you must stay hydrated and while water can be essential, it doesn’t provide any nutritional value, other than keeping your body hydrated. Because you aren’t consuming any foods at all and are stuck with a liquid diet, it can be beneficial to drink cold-pressed juices that are organic and healthy. You will still get some calories because of the liquid you drink, but without all the additives, preservatives, sugar and calories. In most cases, you will still get approximately 1,200 calories on your fast day, making it a healthy option that can be used for extended periods.

During the fast, your body has time to restore any damaged cells and repair itself and can use more energy to burn fat.

What It Does

Dieting can seem scary to some because the term usually means withholding foods you love. However, you’re only doing so for a few days and can eat regularly the rest of the time. Many are now focusing on juicing as a lifestyle change. Because it is natural, or used to be natural in the past, it can help you reduce cancer risks and heart disease whilst increasing your longevity.

Learning how the juice diet works will ensure that you understand it and want to try it. Visit Karmic Cold Pressed Juice today to find out more.

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