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Mobile Crane Hire Services Are Cost Effective, Flexible and Convenient

If your company regularly lifts and transports heavy things, you may realise the need to have a mobile crane. Cranes are excellent and necessary to do the job of lifting and carrying heavy objects, but most companies, even large ones, cannot afford such a huge expense and prefer to hire these services as they are needed. Hiring them can be a more flexible, convenient and cost-effective solution that buying one outright.


Truck-mounted cranes are still considered mobile and able to be used for many purposes. The crane is attached to a truck, which can be driven wherever it is required, such as a residential home to remove a tree. These versions are more flexible than others because you can transport the crane and the workmen to the site without delay. They are also easily set-up, which can make them more convenient than other options.

What You Get

When hiring out these services to another company, you will get the use of the mobile crane for whatever purpose it is required, plus an operator. The operator has been trained thoroughly and understands how to operate the machine, so you don’t need to employ anyone else to help you.


Imagine all the costs involved to procure your own crane. You’d need to find one, which can be difficult, but you’ll need the money to purchase it. Because it can be moved quickly, you’ll need to check that everything is in working order. Then, you’ll need someone to drive the truck and operate the machine. In most cases, you’ll need two operators in case one is indisposed, so that can be even more costly.

Those are just the initial costs associated with cranes. Once you have everything, you have to keep it maintained. Workers will require benefits, vacation time and other needs. Cranes are likely to require their own maintenance, and because you’ve also got a truck to contend with, you’ll be required to maintain it with oil changes, fluids, gasoline and more.

If you were to rent the crane when it was needed, you’d save a lot of money. They always come with an operator, so you won’t have to worry about having someone available who is trained to handle the machine. You will pay one fee that will give you the machine, someone to use it and will cover all maintenance and gasoline.

Mobile crane hire services are more convenient, flexible and cost-effective than buying one. Visit Tooley’s Crane Hire today to learn more about their options.

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