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Reasons to Consider Aluminium Camlock Fittings

Reasons to Consider Aluminium Camlock Fittings

Aluminium camlock fittings, also called cam and groove couplings, are the perfect solution when you need quick connecting/disconnecting of hoses and pipes. They’re convenient because they’re light weight and don’t require any tools to put together. Aluminium camlock couplers are generally used across industry, from Agricultural through to the Petro-chemical and general Industrial markets. They are used for a variety of purposes, such as connecting PVC suction hoses, lay-flat hoses and other instances where hose and pipe connection are required. They can be used in a variety of temperature ranges, from -101 degrees Celsius to 121 degrees Celsius. They can also be used up to a working pressure of 250PSI.

You’ll find aluminium camlock fittings in a variety of sizes from 1/2 inch all the way to 8 inches. Aluminium camlocks save time because you don’t have to match threads or flanges. You also don’t need tools. An appropriately specified gasket provides the seal so that you can use them with fluids, pellets or powders. Being durable and lightweight, they’re suitable for use in instances where you don’t want to add weight to the fluid handling hose or equipment.

At Pacific Fittings, they focus on bringing you the best quality for price camlocks as well as stainless steel ball valves and brew fittings and hardware. They supply the most popular sized camlock couplers in the most popular material types including stainless steel and polypropylene. You won’t find better prices for the quality. This is their promise. They have on on-line store for quick and convenient shopping. Aluminium camlock fittings can be used for a variety of applications, they allow you to connect your hoses together quickly and efficiently and are a light weight and well-priced camlock option.

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