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Reduced Heat Loss through Double Glazing Window

Reduced Heat Loss through Double Glazing Window

Double glazed windows are no secret – their benefits are widespread and if you haven’t yet experienced them, now is the time. The majority of commercial and residential properties throughout Australia are fitted with windows that have double glazing technology, many of which will have been supplied by Melbourne-based business Weatherall Windows. Aside from their strength and aesthetic appeal, these windows are known to reduce heat loss and save the homeowner money on monthly energy bills. Want to learn how this is possible? Read on for the facts.

Specially Designed Windows

The way in which double glazing windows are designed affects their performance. Unlike typical windows that have just one pane of glass (of which heat can escape from easily), double glazed windows have a gas or air-filled layer that separates two sheets of tough glass. This unique design strengthens the window and makes it less prone to breaking, particularly during a storm or when an intruder is present.

Air-Filled Layer Prevents an Escape Route

The trapped air that is wedged between the panes of glass acts as an insulator and it stops air from circulating within the cavity itself. Just imagine how much money you could be saving on your monthly heating bills when you get double glazed windows fitted – you could use the money to invest in some other home improvements.

The Installation Process

Getting double glazed windows installed is not too difficult a task, but it is probably best not to attempt it yourself. A professional window fitter will have the experience, knowledge, tools and patience to fit windows for you. However, there is something that you can do to help – clear the area surrounding the window to ensure no obstructions prevent the window fitter from doing his or her job properly. Putting the kettle on would be a nice thing to do also!