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Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Function at Sunshine Coast

Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Function at Sunshine Coast

A wedding, a job promotion, a birthday, an anniversary – all of these things call for a special occasion. Whatever event you want to celebrate, consider letting a team of function organisers, like those at Noosa Boathouse, do the hard work on your behalf. Eliminating yourself of the hassle associated with event planning will allow you to enjoy the experience fully and mingle with every guest you invite. The Sunshine Coast with its mangrove forests, beautiful sand dunes and rare bird species create the ideal backdrop for a shindig, so why not make a reservation? Before you rush into picking a venue, know what to look for in your search.

The Menu

No event would be right if you couldn’t feast to your heart’s content, and the same goes for your guests! Venues located on the Sunshine Coast will usually offer a varied seafood menu. Rich in omega-3 and heart-healthy fats, ocean-fresh food will taste great and give the body a dose of goodness. Keep in mind that some guests may not eat fish, so ask the venue owners if a chef can whip up meat and meat-free dishes, too.

Group Booking Options

Is the venue big enough to accommodate the group of people you plan on inviting to your function on the Sunshine Coast? Arrange a tour around the venue prior to booking a date and assess the size. The more flexible the venue layout, such as a venue with indoor and outdoor seating, the more suitable it will be for big groups.

A View

Functions with an awe-inspiring view make the world of difference, so don’t cut corners in searching for a venue with something to be seen from it. National parks, sandy beaches and forested landscapes can be seen all around the Sunshine Coast, making it the perfect choice for any kind of gathering.

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