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What to Look for in a Home Security Camera System

The safer and more secure your home is, the less you will have to worry about trespassers and burglars. This is why you should consider hiring someone who not only supplies a home security camera system but also, that knows how to fit one. From landline systems with cell phone connections to wireless home security systems, there are numerous options to choose from. It is even possible to detect forced entry, broken glass and carbon monoxide with the right type of system, so why not enlighten yourself about the factors that should influence your decision when purchasing a CCTV system?

Systems with Security Keypads

If you invest in a home security camera system with a built-in security keypad, only the people who know the code will be able to log into the system. What this means is that it will be pretty much impossible for anyone without code knowledge to type in the correct digits and gain access to the property. This type of security system will be monitored and should someone attempt to gain access by entering the incorrect code, you will know about it. If constant monitoring is of importance to you, choose a wired system that you can stay updated with online.

PIR (Passive Infrared) Detectors

Passive infrared (PIR) detectors are fitted with special electronic sensors that measure light that might be radiating from any objects that sit in its view. An inventive and very clever way of detecting unwanted visitors during the nighttime, a home security camera system with PIR detectors will have special seals, so that the sensor does not get wet, damaged or affected by condensation. Heat energy is the main focus and if something emits no energy or a low temperature, chances are it will be nothing to worry about.

24-Hour Back-Up Systems

Do you deal with power or electrical outages quite a lot? If so, investing in a home security camera system that has a 24-hour back-up system integrated into its design will be worthwhile. These systems do not shut off, even if your power does. In fact, the back-up system can operate for an additional 72 hours without electricity, so you can feel confident that the monitoring station will not hesitate to get in contact with you, should the alarm sound. Some alternative options to these systems inlude alarm and camera devices with fingerprint technology, systems with audio discriminator sensors and wired security systems.

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