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How to Deal With Inadequate Sub-Floor Ventilation

How to Deal With Inadequate Sub-Floor Ventilation

Ahhhh… ventilation in the home can provide a fresh breath of air. If you are wheezing, coughing or feeling short of breath, chances are your sub-floor ventilation could be inadequate. In the event that you are experiencing these symptoms, it is best to get in touch with a damp controlling specialist who knows how to perfect particular techniques to not only reverse the problem but also, to put a stop to it. Improved air circulation can be enjoyed when sub-floor ventilation systems are introduced into a property, whether it is an old or new building. Airborne contaminants can wreak havoc with your allergies (should you have any) and they can also replace air continuously, so you can feel confident that the air you are inhaling is free from contaminants. If you’re noticing the signs of poor ventilation, such as condensation and mildew growth, tackle the problem with the following advice.

Air Filtration Systems

One of the first choices that a property owner will go for when they discover that there is a damp problem is to purchase an air filtration system. Indoor air quality can be enhanced a great deal with an air filtration system, which will help you to breathe better. Not only will particles and pollutants be eliminated but also, they will not be able to enter the property and lead to the build-up of dampness.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Aside from air filtration systems, humidifiers and dehumidifiers are the second most popular solution to rising damp problems. They come in all shapes and sizes, making them ideal for use in various properties. You can pick up a humidifier or dehumidifier from a number of local stores, or online. The ideal humidity level for a home ranges from 30-50 percent and if the humidity level in your home  increases, sub-floor ventilation in the form of a whole property humidifier or dehumidifier will make a big difference.

UV Light Systems

Germicidal UV systems are growing in popularity and are fast overtaking other kinds of sub-floor ventilation. UV light systems work by preventing spores, bacteria and airborne contaminants from affecting the indoor air quality and causing a problem to health. Bacteria and fungi affects approximately 20 percent of homeowners and building occupants. However, by getting sub-floor ventilation installed in the form of a UV light system, you can rest assured that in less than an hour, airborne bioaerosols will reduce by nearly half.

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