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Bifold Doors – Extend Your Home Into Your Garden

Bifold Doors – Extend Your Home Into Your Garden

How much space do you have to work with inside your home? If you have limited space but want to welcome the maximum level of sunlight, you might consider hiring a professional to supply and fit bifold doors. These aren’t just any old type of door – they are specially crafted to take up less space, whilst allowing for a higher level of light entry. So good are they at welcoming heaps of light indoors, that a vast number of homeowners will consider this home improvement as a way of reducing energy bills. Combine this with the fact that bifold-style doors help a garden merge with rooms in the home and you can easily increase property value, as well as the enjoyment you get out of being indoors. Before you buy, learn more about the reasons why quality doors of this kind are widely chosen for security purposes in various establishments.

Types of Bifold Doors

All you need when choosing the right bifold doors for your property is a little bit of guidance. Growing in popularity around Australia, doors with a bifold mechanism will instantly add pizzazz to a space. Not only this, but safety and security can be improved tenfold once the doors are installed. The main predicament you will likely face is choosing the material and the colour of the door. Preferred options include wood, UPVC and metal. The colour should match with the existing colour theme of your property.

Increasing the Safety Factor

A lot of space will be saved when the bifold doors have been positioned and secured in place, but this is not the only way in which you can benefit. Bifold doors are often chosen as an alternative to safety doors, due to the fact they can be installed with similar safety features and locking mechanisms. Locks can be installed at the top of the door, making it pretty much impossible for intruders to break in. Child-resistant locks are available, as well as standard folding doors locks. Alarms and fingerprint systems are recommended for commercial premises.

Hiring Someone to Fit Bifold Doors

Don’t attempt to fit bifold doors alone because unless you possess relevant experience, even the most detailed video tutorial or how-to article won’t be enough to help you achieve success with installation. The person you hire should have fitted windows and doors in the past, and should have assisted many clientele. Avoid working with someone who tries to charge extra for the fitting of interior and exterior locks. Instead, search for someone who is a locally-acclaimed trader and boasts the experience to match their qualifications.

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