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by | Jan 6, 2017 | Training Centre

If you have decided to start your new career as a bartender, you’ve got a few things to consider first. For one, you will be working later in the evening, as many bars do not open early. However, you may also work in restaurants and pubs with different or staggered hours, meaning you can find employment in a variety of places and various shifts. Becoming a bartender doesn’t have to be difficult, but may require some formal training, which can be found at Serve It Up. Bartending courses ensure that you have a way to study for the bar, getting ready and learning as much as you can so you can put it into practice later.

Crash Courses

These types of classes are designed for people who want to learn the basics so that they can impress friends or family at events. You may have a home bar or be asked to help out at an anniversary or wedding.

Introductory Options

An introductory course can help you learn the basics, as well. You’ll learn what the profession entails, recipes that can help you, and which liquors are used for various drinks, as well as why.


Flair bartending is an art form and can seem like magic to patrons. You are likely to learn how to juggle bottles, throw the bottle efficiently, and much more. These tips can help you get more advice and be a hot commodity.


You can find many certifications and certificates in the world of hospitality. For example, you can get a Certificate IV, which will help you learn about the bar, making cocktails, speed pouring, coffee making, beer pouring, and serving food/beverages. You can also learn more about presentation skills, how to open or close a venue, and what will need to be done to become a supervisor or shift manager.

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