You Can Beat Your Fear Of Dentists

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Dental Care

The fear of dentists is real for a many adults. It can happen with a poorly qualified individual or because of the extensive work that needs to be done. Whatever the reason, you may cringe when someone mentions the dentist and may have put off appointments for oral health because of your fears. Most adults wait until the pain is unbearable or until they start losing teeth before they try to face their fears and go to the dentist. If this is you, or you hope not to wait that long, there is hope. Wagga Family Dentist offers sedation dentistry, which has helped many people with anxiety relax and possibly enjoy dental healthcare again.

What To Do Before

The first step is to search for a dentist that you feel comfortable talking to. It can be about the weather or sports, but find someone who is willing to take the extra time to make you feel comfortable.

You may also want to search for those who offer pain-free dentistry options, including sedation dentistry and numbing patches.

Another helpful tip is to talk to someone you know who has been anxious when visiting the dentist but doesn’t seem so upset now. They may be able to refer you to someone who can help.

Sleep/Sedation Dentistry

In most cases, dentists will use a topical anaesthetic gel on the gums, which will not hurt. You’ll experience some tingling and numbness, and then they can administer the local anaesthesia without causing any pain. They will also use soft-handed techniques to ensure that you don’t feel them poking around your mouth.

If those don’t seem like enough help, you can also consider sedation dentistry. This comes in the form of oral medication to help you relax, or general anaesthesia, where you are in an almost-asleep state throughout the procedure.

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