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Custom Picture Frames: Why Consider Them

Most people have a lot of photos and pictures that they want to preserve. You may want to frame your college or high school diploma or receive drawings from your grandchildren. It makes sense that you preserve them with a frame, but you may not want to purchase the standard frames from department stores. Custom picture frames are a better choice for many people because it allows you to choose something that fits your needs and décor. You may want a collage-style frame, want a specific colour, or may even want intricate edgings and wood-work. You can’t get that from a department store.

Custom picture frames also preserve the item; you can talk to a professional framer about the type of paper used in the photo or picture to determine what materials and backing you need. That way, the items look the same for decades to come and don’t yellow. Plus, you can choose glass that is UV-resistant, ensuring that you can hang it on the wall, even if that wall sees sunlight throughout the day. The best part is that you can put a personalised touch on the frame. If the picture shows a unicorn with multiple colours, you can choose something with sparkles or pick one of the colours to help make the artwork pop.

Amarisco Framing & Mounting is located on the Lower North Shore and is recognised as a leader in the photographic and arts community. If you need custom picture frames to create a wall collage of photos/drawings, you need the professionals here. They offer competitive pricing and have extensive knowledge of the industry, which means you always get the most professional work with quick turnaround times. They can help you with a variety of needs, including memorabilia and jersey framing, and the framing of posters and other items.

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