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Luxurious Sydney Pools & Spas To Delight The Senses

Most people in Sydney consider a pool or spa at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a pipe dream or something they’re serious about, they want something luxurious to delight their senses. If you’ve decided that pools or spas are something you want in your backyard, you should know that you’ve made an excellent decision. A pool that’s well-designed from Design Pools can become the centrepiece of the yard, provide outlets for relaxation and recreation and may transform your property into an oasis. However, you should also note that aesthetics are important and add-ons can make your Sydney pool look even better.


Specialty lights can illuminate the pool, making it perfect for nightly swims or an evening party. Your pool could turn into the focal point of the evening, highlighting the area and causing a stir among the guests. Options can include illuminated walkways, fibre optics in the bottom of the pool and more.


Deck jets are another option to consider for luxuriousness that will delight your senses. They are designed to shoot out streams of water, creating a fun splashing sound and dramatic effect. They can include sensors to shut off at various times and come in multiple varieties, such as laminar and resistance jets.


Waterfalls are perfect for those who want tranquillity. You don’t have to be in the pool to enjoy it, either. You can sit on the deck or garden and listen to the water spray into the pool


Fountains are another option for pools and spas. They can range from spill-over to floating designs and can be exciting for kids of all ages. Some produce vertical splashes of water while others offer a more tranquil, gurgling sound, perfect for relaxing and imagining you’re somewhere else.

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