Unique Ways To Rejuvenate Your Office Through Commercial Interior Design

by | May 20, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Most commercial properties get stuck in a rut when it comes to interior design. They think that what’s worked for years or other companies will work for them and don’t want to branch out into the unknown. However, there are many unique ways to rejuvenate your office to make it look more professional and exciting to others.


Companies shouldn’t be afraid of colour splashes throughout the office. Most people think professional must be neutral or drab tones, but it doesn’t mean stark. You want something that looks pulled together, which means adding interest through colour.


Lighting is a necessity for office spaces, especially if people work late. However, use a variety of fixtures and sources. Recessed lighting is excellent, but try adding pull-down lights, unique decorative lights and brighten up the accessories used.


While paint can be your friend (and an inexpensive way to redecorate), think of textures that you’d love to see used in commercial interior design. Options like concrete, embossed panels, crackle glass or wooden slats can bring balance and interest to the area.


Most companies have long hallways, angular cubicles and ceiling grids. However, consider more contemporary or trendy options, such as waves or curves. Choose sharper angles and elongated triangles for boldness.


Sydney Office Fitout Company understands your need for division, but you don’t want something that seems uninviting or cavernous. Space dividers can be glass or screened options that allow light and open spaces. If you require more separation, solid or opaque versions are also available. However, don’t feel that you have to use stand-alone products or build walls. Unconventional items, such as stretched canvases, curtains, and fabric, can be used to break up the areas and give a little privacy, as well.

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