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Security Screens: Reasons To Consider Them

Security Screens: Reasons To Consider Them

Everyone knows that security screens are there to add more protection to the home, so this benefit is highly talked about. However, you may not know that these screens can also help your home look beautiful.

While burglar bars do the same thing of protecting the house, they look highly unsightly. A screen is similar to traditional mesh screens that keep out bugs; these screens are just made of more durable metal mesh that prevents thieves from kicking in the screen on the door or window. Along with such, they can’t be cut with a knife or sharp instrument.

Security screens are durable and tough. They’re fixed in place but don’t use screws or bolts. Therefore, would-be thieves with bolt cutters or screwdrivers can’t get into the house. Plus, it’s made of aluminium, which is rust-resistant. Since there aren’t any bolts or screws made of different metal, you don’t have to worry about dissimilar metals causing corrosion. You can also find a variety of styles and patterns available, allowing you full customisation options. If that weren’t enough, the screen also acts as a deterrent to bugs; you can leave the windows and doors open without fear that criminals and insects can get inside.

At SP Screens, they know how worrisome it can be to hear about criminal activity in or around your neighbourhood. That’s why they offer security screens for all entry points into your home. Their modern and stylish designs ensure that your home looks superb while their toughness and durability prevent would-be criminals from getting inside. Their product range includes top-name brands, such as Xceed and SecureView Eclipx. They also have fallsafe window screens that prevent toddlers and excitable animals from falling out of the window while playing or being rambunctious. You can see their full line of products on their website.

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