Do You Know That Pool Cabanas Aren’t Just For Storage Anymore?

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Home & Garden Decor

I guess that Americanisation has affected just about all of us to some degree or another and we will now know what a cabana is? If you don’t, it is a fair guess that it comes from the Spanish word cabaña and it should come as no surprise that Americans shorten the word to cabana when speaking about a hut, cabin, or shelter at a beach or swimming pool.

The Pool

With the importance of beaches and swimming pools in our Australian culture, it is no surprise that so many of us have our own backyard swimming pools. These pools will have some sort of deck or patio around their edges, a place to house the filtering and water pumping equipment and, almost a racing certainty, a barbeque area and a way to keep beer or wine cool. This is how many of us relax with friends and family at the weekends. There are some who actually use their pool as an important part of their personal exercise programme but, for many, it is a place to relax and keep cool by entering the water every now and then. With this in mind, it is surprising that many people’s pools are somewhat mundane in appearance – they may be functional but often hardly stylish.

Add A Touch Of Style With A Pool Cabana

Assuming that you have sufficient yard space, a poolside structure that provides a place in which to change, take a shower (even use the WC) can be a useful addition to the pool area. If you have this structure erected in an attractive style and place a verandah along the side facing the pool (so that you and your guests can sit in the shade), you can really upgrade your poolside experience. Correctly thought out and planned, this cabana can lend a country club resort ambience to your backyard.

Don’t Clutter It Up

The whole ambience point of having a cabana can be lost if all that you use it for is somewhere to store all the pool related clutter that you are likely to collect. Anything from cleaning nets to kiddies’ floats and toys (and the adult variants) can easily end up inside your cabana. If you have included storage cupboards and shelves this need not be a problem but, if you trip over clutter every time you enter; all you really have is a storage shed and not a poolside cabana.

Many of the prefabricated structures from Greenwood Homes & Granny Flats can be easily made to serve as Pool Cabanas That Aren’t Just For Storage Anymore.

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