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Effective Termite Control Methods to Make Your Premises Termite Free

Do you know just how handy it is to understand some basic methods for preventing and eliminating termites? These common household pests chew their way through wood in force. When in their colonies, they can gnaw through up to 13 pounds of wood every year but with the right treatment, such as a heat treatment, they can be eradicated for good. The company you hire to rid the home of subterranean and winged termites will focus on the main signs of an infestation, such as dust residue and holes in wood. Once a problem has been detected, action will be taken to ensure the infestation does not cause major damage. Make yourself familiar with some termite control methods for the natural management of critters.

Open the Curtains

Slide the drapes open and watch the rooms inside the home light up as sun rays flood through the glass. Your mood is sure to lift when you live in a brighter home and the chances of termite infestations will lower by great means. Brightening up the interior space will scare termites away, due to the fact these critters like to chow down on wood in dark areas. When the sun is at its hottest, termites can be killed naturally if you put damaged wooden furnishings outside when you suspect the items have been chosen as a snack. Nevertheless, a bug zapper light might also come in handy, because winged termites are actually attracted to single light sources.

Stop Water Leakages

There are plenty of reasons why you should be calling in the plumbers to fix a water leakage. Not only will lack of moisture keep the termites away but also, it will prevent damage to structures in the home and will lower the chances of mould growing. If there is no leak but you believe that condensation might be causing the problem, extractor fans and dehumidifiers will come in handy.

Temperature Treatments

Aside from sunlight and moisture, the temperature should also be just right for termite colonies to set up camp and begin their wood-eating session. Temperature treatments are termite control methods that are guaranteed to work. Exposing termites to cooler temperatures will usually take four days to be effective, whereas exposing them to temperatures of 12-140 degrees will be fairly instant. However, the heat must be injected into the wood, therefore professional experience is required for this special technique.

All of the termite control methods made available through RIP Pest Control will help you to protect your property investment. Call 0402 239 507 to learn more.

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