Expert pest control is the ultimate method of pest removal!

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Maintaining control of pests is something that has humans have been dealing with since the beginning of time. Everything from insects that bite or sting to filthy rodents invading the pantry are of concern, always have been and probably always will be. Although a homeowner can attempt to attack these problems, expert pest control is the ultimate method of pest removal.

When to call for the professionals:

There are some pests such as cockroaches or rodents that are easy to identify, there are many other pests however that are not quite so easy and under these conditions it is always better to turn to a professional who knows what the pest is and how to eliminate it.

Exterminators are often called in after the homeowner has tried and failed to eliminate the pest using commercially available products. The methodology that pest control professionals often use is similar to that used by the homeowner but, professionals have access to products, equipment and techniques that are not readily available to anyone other than those in the business. A pest control professional knows exactly what he is dealing with and as a result they can get to the root of the problem, quickly and efficiently. The faster pests can be eliminated the less damage they can do to the health of the occupants and the integrity of the structure.

How do professionals attack a pest problem?

Expert pest control is the ultimate method of pest removal. A pest control pro may opt for bait as the best solution to rid the space of the pest. Baits can be employed inside and outside and are often the method best suited to eliminate rodents; the bait will eventually lead the rodent to a trap where it is dealt with.

Insecticides are used inside the home; they are sprayed in places known to harbour insects and other vermin. In the majority of cases the insecticide that is used is one which has been proven effective in dealing with the known pest; not all insecticides can deal with all insects. In instances where the home is totally infested the pest control technician will “tent” the home. This is complex and costly and involves cocooning the house and then flooding the enclosed space with poisonous gas. This method is used infrequently but there are times when no other method will do the job effectively.

The professionals at Pink Pest Services know that expert pest control is the ultimate method of pest removal. Call on the experts at Pink today for insect, vermin and termite inspection and elimination.

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